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Sunday, 19th August 2018

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Greens and the ALP are in freefall, arguing over who gets the emergency parachute.

Twitter 'trolls' should be punished: Farah

NSW State of Origin hooker Robbie Farah says people who use social networking sites as a forum to launch abuse need to be held accountable for their actions.

There was movement at the station, for the word had passed around...

Rudd is once again making hardly-muffled noises. He believes he is close to having the numbers to topple Gillard. He hasn’t... not yet.

Condolences flow for Gillard family

Political leaders have sent their condolences to the family of Prime Minister Julia Gillard on the death of her father.


We offer Ms Gillard our sincere condolences on the death of her father. It is an awful time for anyone when suffering the loss of a parent. Ours is not a contract of hate... it never has been. We want to debate political issues with which we disagree. This will be a very sad period for Julia and we feel for her and ask our followers to show respect in this period of mourning in the Gillard family as we have no ability to moderate all comments. 

PM exits APEC after 'inspiring' dad dies

Prime Minister Julia Gillard says her father was her inspiration and she will miss him for the rest of her life.


Gillard’s deficient ethics are in play again. Her sympathy for families affected by gambling addiction is nothing but arrant crap. The “trial” is utterly pointless as everyone knows. It will not be the faintest indicator of addicts’ intentions or habits. But the $40million to be gifted to ACT Clubs for the privilege of conducting this “trial” will be well spent, just ask Gillard. You see, the ACT Clubs are the ALP’s biggest donors. Why would that be? Well, ACT Clubs are owned by the Labor Party and the powerful CFMEU. I guess the working man’s interests are still in good hands.

Rudd joins campaign against super-trawler

Kevin Rudd has called for a rethink on super-trawler fishing in Australian waters.

Pokies trial in ACT makes progress

A committee to oversee a pokies reform trial in the ACT has been set up.


The short answer is, “What drugs are you on?”

DON'T PAY THAT POWER BILL (until the end of the month)

After talks with a major supplier, we may be able to arrange: NO INCREASES UNTIL THE NEXT FEDERAL ELECTION

Power stations deny they're better off

Power station operators have hit back at claims they are being over-compensated for the impact of Labor's controversial carbon tax.

Turnbull, Joyce remarks don't worry Abbott

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has deflected suggestions that Malcolm Turnbull or Barnaby Joyce are unhappy with his leadership.


A few weeks ago, on July 19, I sat watching the TV. A bloke called Nick Warner was speaking to the Lowy Institute. I’d never heard of him but he seemed inoffensive enough.

Plan to empower people to cut power bills

The Australian Energy Market Commission has released a draft report which outlines new ways consumers could manage their electricity bills.