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Monday, 25th March 2019

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Ralph Blewitt has the final pieces of information that should put Gillard away... at least away from the Office of Prime Minister. He has requested an indemnity from prosecution so that he can dump the whole sorry mess in the media’s lap. Even then there will be members of the media, like the ABC, who will happily stay in denial. Police cannot give Blewitt indemnity without knowing what they are giving him indemnity from. Who knows, his admissions may include flying a plane into the World Trade Centre. Blewitt’s dilemma is that any admission to the police may not earn him indemnity, in which case he will have handed the police a comprehensive confession.They may then have the evidence to put him away and not Gillard. Nevertheless he will need to make a statement before the entirety of what he needs to expose is leaked to the media by others. Then he will be left without a card to do a deal with.

Life is one big gamble, Ralph.

ROYAL COMMISSION... don't hold your breath

Don’t expect too much. Child abuse is endemic and can’t be confined to paedophilia. Abuse is entrenched in Aboriginal, Islamic, Indian, theological, social, sporting, scouting, educative, health, pornographic and politically sensitive groups. Not to mention on-line cultivation of minors.


The timbre of a priest’s earnest voice echoes from leadlight windows and bluestone walls. Resonating organ flutes reach skyward, vibrating the bones of mere mortals. The purity of boy soprano voices frames sombre rituals.


HE WHO THROWS DIRT LOSES GROUND... well, that used to be the case

Obama’s success has sealed the tactics for his flirtatious friend Gillard in the coming election. Never has there been so much money spent on so much negative advertising in a presidential election. Gillard and her muckraking cohort McTernan have taken notice.




Prince Charles was walking his mother’s corgis along the Mall when he stopped to speak to one of the men carrying out roadworks.

Unfortunately he didn’t notice a steamroller was trundling along behind him. Nor did the corgis notice and the whole thing ended in quite a mess.

When the steamroller had passed, Prince Charles was dismayed to see each of the corgis squashed flat. They resembled unrecognisable pizzas.

A despondent Charles wandered back to the Palace wondering how in hell he would explain the terrible loss to his mother.

In frustration he kicked a tin into the gutter. When the tin stopped rolling, out popped a genie. “You have one wish, sir”, declared the genie. “Thank God”, muttered Charles, “It  would be wonderful if you could put five squashed corgis back together for me.” “Certainly”, said the genie.

When they both returned to the scene of the disaster the genie took one look and groaned, “I’m a simple genie, not a bloody genius... look at this, gizzards all over the place! I can’t even tell what part belongs to what corgi, it’s an impossible request”, said the genie. “I’m sorry, I can’t help you.”

So they both started walking back toward the Palace and the genie was feeling very sorry for Charles. “Look”, said the genie, “I feel really bad about your corgis so I will give you one more request.”

A shattered Charles thought for a while, “Well you could do one thing for me.” “Of course”, said the genie. “Whatever you want !”

“Well”, said Charles, “it’s my partner, Camilla, I love her very much but, how can I put this... ? She is frightfully cosmetically challenged, if you know what I mean. If there is anything you could do it would be awfully appreciated.”

The genie looked at the distraught Charles, “Let’s go back. I’ll have another look at those corgis for you.”



WHEN UNION, CORPORATE AND GOV'T CRIME MERGES... the possibilities are endless

Joe Trio, boss of WA Thiess Contractors in the 90s, said he is considering suing me over allegations I made regarding his, and his brother-in-law, Bruce Wilson’s, complicity in AWU fraud.

Well Mr Trio, I’m still here waiting.

JULIA SPENT $17,000 ON CLOTHES? I don't think so

A leader of the ratbag fringe element of the university communist movement spending what would now be $40,000 on clothes is a ridiculous concept. It never happened.


AWU boss, Paul Howes, brazenly rocked up to the enemy Etihad’s tent at Flemington’s Derby day. Unusual you might think, given that Mr Howes has angrily called for greater scrutiny of Etihad moves to increase its stake in Virgin Australia. He said Etihad was likely to cause a “national crisis”.


NOTE from Ralph Blewitt, who along with many others is being discredited by the ALP's media coordinator, John McTernan. WELL THE ALP DIRT MACHINE IS UP AND RUNNING.

JULIA SHOULD HAVE PAID OFF RALPH... he was the only one she didn't

Julia Gillard as a lawyer promoted the bona fides of her client, the AWU, in order to steal from them. Then, when union members started to complain, she shut them down with a writ.