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Monday, 20th August 2018

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Gillard on world stage for UN Council bid

Prime Minister Julia Gillard will be seeking support for Australia's United Nations Security Council bid from her maiden speech to the General Assembly.

Carl Williams' family sue Vic govt

The family of murdered gangland boss Carl Williams are suing the state of Victoria over his bashing death in Barwon Prison in 2010.

Rein in China critics, Abbott told

Resources Minister Martin Ferguson says anti-China comments from the likes of Nationals MP Barnaby Joyce are sending a mixed message on foreign investment.

PM adviser tells Tim to take a back seat


Tim Mathieson has taken to disappearing stage left when accompanying the PM. 

Reform 'needed on electricity networks'

Consumer advocacy group Choice has called for reforms to energy networks to reduce electricity costs.

Abbot plays the ball while Gillard plays the man

The ALP has brought the filthy side of UK politics to Australia, and it has a stench of desperation.  Scot, John McTernan, has made an art form of manufacturing dirt on opponents of Labour in the UK and now Labor in Australia. It is indeed ludicrous that Abbott’s uni days could in any way be compared to Gillard’s criminal background. But the Press will run with anything anti-Abbott. He has always desisted from personal attacks on Gillard, although it must be tempting to do so. He has consistently attacked policies only...  and it will pay off for him. All opponents of Gillard should look out for the professional muckraking of McTernan. He is very, very good at it. Trouble is it has invariably blown up in the socialists’ faces. It is an indictment on Gillard that she would stoop to employ renowned UK grubs of McTernan’s calibre to counter her own background in communism and union fraud.

Gillard recovering before UN address

Battling an upset stomach that forced her to withdraw from 3 functions, the first day of Prime Minister Julia Gillard's trip to New York has not gone to plan.

Labor MP McClelland to be re-endorsed

Former Labor frontbencher Robert McClelland is expected to be re-endorsed for his seat of Barton, despite talk of a challenge by ex-NSW premier Morris Iemma.


Restive Nauruan Members of Parliament have secretly been given all expenses paid Australian holidays in order to allay their stated fears of coping with thousands of asylum seekers.

Asylum-seekers cost more than anticipated

The government miscalculated asylum-seeker arrivals and costs because it didn't anticipate a parliamentary deadlock, Penny Wong says.



The Gillard Government’s preoccupation with a two-year stint on the UN Security Council has cost Australia a great deal already. 


Prime Minister Julia Gillard has arrived in New York, where she will lobby world leaders to support Australia's bid for a seat on the UN Security Council.


A common explanation is that a bloke over 30 and still single is either a serial mummy’s boy, he is gay or a social misfit... all ‘no-go’ areas for the nubile, hot-blooded woman. But surely there must be more to it than that!

Swan slams critics who talk down economy

Treasurer Wayne Swan is encouraged by independent assessments of Australia's strong economic fundamentals.

Anger flares as protesters target Islam

An argument that erupted in Melbourne was a rare event as police reported few incidents following last weekend's violence in Sydney.

Navy goes to aid of asylum seekers

The Australian Navy has been transferring asylum seekers onto a merchant boat that will transport them to Christmas Island, AMSA says.