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Friday, 20th April 2018

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Sydney protest organised over social media

Social media Facebook has been used to rally protesters for a violent demonstration in Sydney's CBD against an anti-Islam film.

Islamic protest sparks violence in Sydney

Eight people face charges after six police were injured when protesters clashed with officers in the Sydney CBD during a rally against an anti-Islam film.

Not all Muslims are terrorists...

But all terrorists are Muslims. We can offer them assimilation and they will not accept it. We assume we can detect the moderate from the radical when we cannot.

Threat to Qld Labor 'is from Katter'

Queensland Labor Party state secretary Anthony Chisholm says the party's new threat is coming in the form of Katter's Australian Party.

Let's talk about uranium mining: Qld govt

Queensland's government is keen to hear all views on uranium mining, saying a generation has never contributed to the debate.

CBA settles with ASIC over Storm collapse

The Commonwealth Bank has reached a resolution with ASIC over the collapse of Storm Financial, but will continue to defend a class action by clients.

When A Witness Is Not A Witness

The Fairfax campaign against Abbott not hitting anyone as a teenager 35 years ago has reached cringeworthy levels.


One so-called witness, David Patch, admits he never saw the incident yet is a ‘witness’. Patch is actually a barrister working for the DPP.


My question is, how many lawyers call upon witnesses who actually didn’t witness something?

This so-called witness, David Patch states in today’s Sydney Morning Herald in a column by Phillip Coorey:

“I can categorically deny that I have had any contact, either directly or indirectly, with anyone in or associated with the Labor Party."

He said that he had rung The Sydney Morning Herald wanting to write a letter to the editor after reading the Henderson piece and had agreed, when asked by The Sydney Morning Herald, to instead write his recollections for the opinion pages.

"I spoke to Barbara Ramjan about it, that's all," Mr Patch said.


The bit left out by both Coorey and Patch are thatDavid Patch was a Labor candidate in 2004, and was Barbara Ramjan's campaign manager in 1977 at uni. In an article in the  Herald, he says he did not see the incident but was nearby.


How can Patch seriously be considered either a ‘witness’ or ‘Independent’ or both?


Former rivals and ALP members are getting very nervous that Abbott might indeed get the last laugh.

Super-spinner for the spinster

New ALP recruit from Scotland, “super-spinner” John McTernan, is the ultimate dirt-digger and has wasted no time earning his substantial wage getting to work on Abbott.



The Left Press is embarrassing themselves trying to offset the Gillard/Wilson scandal with claims of Abbott punching a wall close to someone’s head 35 years ago. 

Abbott story not from ALP dirt unit: Marr

David Marr has rejected a suggestion by Tony Abbott that a Labor dirt unit was behind damaging allegations published in this month's Quarterly Essay.

Blame game starts on Qld credit downgrade

The blame game has started with Labor and the LNP pointing the finger at each other over a credit agency's decision to downgrade Queensland's rating.

Australia to take 1000 Syrian refugees

As preparations were made to send asylum seekers to Nauru, Immigration Minister Chris Bowen announced 1000 refugees from Syria would be resettled.


Islamic terrorism is clearly alive and well. The Koran instructs we non-Islamists must be beheaded and our fingers lopped (Koran, Sura 8:12). They believe they are ordered by Mohammed to rule the World.


Relying on smaller trawlers to catch fish quotas is only favoured by ignorant  GetUp and Green gophers. The fact is that by fishing inner areas with small trawlers the bycatch imperils seals, turtles and other species that frequent peripheral coral outcrops.

Al-Furqan centre closed after terror raids

A resident who lives near Melbourne's Al-Furqan centre, which was raided by counter-terrorism officers, says there's never been any trouble there.

Govt insulting fish scientists; Lib MP

A Liberal MP has accused the government of insulting Australia's fish scientists as debate on the super trawler resumes.